Watercolors by Arlene Black Mollo

Arlene’s paintings were constructed directly, often at close range, and with intense energy. Employing little or no underdrawing, she concentrated instead on using color and shape to support the work’s structure and composition.

Arlene intentionally employed “reserved whites” to provide spatial depth in her work. The “whites,” in her view, became the visual equivalents of air. This is evident in her watercolors from Cape Cod, the Caribbean, Rathlin Island and beyond. These watercolors burst with light and warmth. In Racing Beach, Falmouth, the viewer can feel the waves rushing on to the beach on a summer’s day. Likewise, in Yellow Palms, Key West, the wind is pushing the palm trees through the atmosphere over the beach house. In the Rathlin Homestead series, Arlene uses the strong contrast of solid white forms to play against the vibrant colors of the landscape. The pieces are beautiful and mysterious. 

Arlene Black Mollo Scholarship Fund

Net proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to Emmanuel College’s Arlene Black Mollo Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will provide assistance to students in the Art department with preference given to female students in studio art, particularly watercolors.

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